Bologna, January 19th-23rd 2005

Arrived at its seventh edition, Future Film Festival is today an event not to miss in Italy.

Welcome to a new digital world

Here are some news about the 2005 Future Film Festival programme:

Homage to Genndy Tartakowski:

Homage to the author with his special participation. The russian-born author, creator of some successful series, such as Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, The Powerpuff Girls, and Star Wars: Clone Wars, ordered directly by George Lucas: a “micro-serial” made of 20 episodes that continues the saga where Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones left it.

Mars Attacks the FFF!:

Homage to the science-fiction cinema dedicated to the Red Planet. During daily appointments, the Future Film Festival audience will see some of the most relevant works about Mars up to the Sixties, introduced by some funny shorts. From the Russian movie Yakov Protazanov’s Aelita (1924) to Roy Ward Baker’s Quatermass and the Pit (1967), this retrospective will introduce you to the main science-fiction milestones.

Clash of Titans:

Mythological monsters and amazing creatures have always been protagonists in the cinema history. Once projected, carved and animated by true craftsmen, they are the ancestors of nowadays digital monsters.
2005 Future Film Festival homage the masters of traditional animation of fantastic creatures, who will discuss about their career and the changes introduced by the digital art. Among them, Carlo Rambaldi, the E.T.’s creator, and Sandy Collora, American sculptor and creatures inventor, who worked with important studios and directors, like Steven Spielberg. In 1999, Collora founded his own production company, Montauk Films, after a long experience with Stan Winston Studios.

Homage to Henki Bilal:

homage to artist Enki Bilal with the show of his three films, Bunker Palace Hotel (1989), Tykho Moon (1997) e Immortel Ad Vitam (2004). Enki Bilal started a successful career in the late Seventies as one of the most important cartoonists and painters in the world. Bidimensional worlds with a mythological and science fiction flavour come back in his last film Immortel Ad Vitam.

Retrospective and homage to Phil Mulloy:

homage to the most provocative and irreverent English independent animator. The author, winner of many awards, the latest at the Tampere Festival, will be at the 2005 Future Film Festival to talk about its works; Mulloy is famous for the groesque and satirical vision on life.

Homage to Zagreb school:

the animation produced by the Zagreb school since the Fifties creates a new path for cartoons, renewing contents and design up to an extreme form of experimentation and becoming an efficient way to express any kind of discourse about reality. Animator Josko Marusic will be at the festival to present some production from its country.

Pixar Animation Studios

the most active and famous studio in the USA will reveal to the Future Film festival audience all the secrets behind its next film, Brad Bird’s Incredibles. In addition to this, some pictures from Cars, the seventh Pixar film, will be shown in preview. Cars features a wide assortment of autos that get their kicks on Route 66.

Industrial Light & Magic

straight from California the company founded by George Lucas will come at the 2005 Future Film Festival to show some pictures and making of from its latest prduction, such as The Bourne Supremacy, Son of Mask, Lemony Sniket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events e Sky Captain and the Wrold of Tomorrow.

PDI - Dreamworks

leading society in the animation sector will be at the 2005 Future Film Festival to talk about all the films in production and in theatres. The making of Shrek 2 and Shark Tale and some exclusive pictures from Madagascar, in theatres in 2005, will be shown.

Future Film Game: Guerrilla Studio

Guerrilla Studio will be guest of the traditional meeting dedicate to videogames. With Alastair Burns, Killzone’s product manager, we’ll have a look on Guerrilla Studio’s recent pruduction s and will have an overview over the evolution of FPS (first person shooter).

Future Web Festival: a year of design

Future Web Festival renews itself and proposes an award addressed to all the most innnovative and original websites. The most creative work will be awarded in the two categories: “Independent web sites” and “Corporate web sites”. There will be a workshop open to all the people interested in web-design or that already work in this field; in this occasion they could learn more and discuss with the best talent in web design. Finally, a meeting with the best Italian and international web designers.

    How to create an animated short film:

meeting with two european animation schools to offer young talents the chance to enlarge their perspectives. As far teachers are concerned, they will have the chance to describe the organization of their enterprises, promoting the cultural exchange between different countries. Future Film Festival will make the students invited to realize animated works thet will be shown in preview during the festival.

In the beginning was Anime:

for the first time in Italy, the show of Japanese animation films from the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s by master like Noboru Ofuji, Masaoka Kenzo, Yasuji Murata.
The oldest Japanese films tell fascinating stories about kabuki theatre, with characters coming from successful manga, animals adventures and popular tales realised with high technique and a lot of irony.
2005 Future Film Festival will offer a retrospective starting with the fantastic tales from the ‘20s, up to the war-related themes in the ‘30s.

Opening special event:

a special selection of Japanese silent animated shorts with musical accompaignment by the Japanese contemporary composer Ikue Mori. The artist, who moved in New York in 1977, started her career as a percussionist collaborating with Arto Linsday and creating a radical style in rhytme and sounds. She started using electronic percussions in 1985, developing her own personal style thanks to which, in 1999, she won a Distinctive Award for Prix Arts Electronics