Tribute to Pic Pic Andrè Productions

Every year Future Film Festival dedicates a homage to indepentent animation. This year FFF presents Pic Pic Andrè Production, the independent animation company of Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier. The two authors, they are the same age and know each other since the University, they work togegher since 1988 when they realized the their first short Pic Pic Andrè Shoow. During these years Patar and Aubier had consolidated a fast and essential style reaching an extreme simplification of the shapes. Their style is useful to tell surreal stories with fast and minimal dialogues which become often nonsense. Patar and Auber use not only the tecnique of animated pictures but also decoupage (as short Saint Nicolas chez les Baltus) or stop-motion animation with objects (as the short Panique au Village that has become a tv serie too). All the tecniques are apparently used in a rough and childish way to get to a coarse visual result. The imperfection is a careful stylistics choice. The shorts at the Future Film Festival 2006:
  • Pic Pic André Shoow “The First”, 1995
  • Saint Nicolas Chez Les Baltus, 1991
  • Babyroussa The Babiroussa, 1994
  • Pic Pic André Shoow “Le deuxième”, 1997
  • Les Baltus au cirque, 1998
  • Pic Pic André Shoow “Quatre moins un”, 1999
  • L’ours, la femme et le chasseur, 2000

FFF will show also the complete serie of 20 episodes Les Paniques, 2002.