Tribute to Driessen

Paul Driessen, Dutch animator, is famous for his collaboration in the George Dunning’s Yellow Submarine. This year, he has been chosen by the Future Film Festival to give the tribute to the indipendent animation represented in Bologna by guests as Billy Plympton, Phil Mulloy, Pic Pic Andrè Productions. During his career , Driessen created a lot of animated shorts , approaching since the ‘70 years a profitable collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada. His style, dry and apparently childlike, is a very effective tool to get the audience to his narrative labirinth and to his games.

This is the FFF2007’s calendar:
  • 2D Or Not 2D – shortcut(Canada/Netherlands , 2003)
  • The Boy Who Saw an Iceberg (Garçon qui a vu l’iceberg) (Canada, 2000)
  • The End of the World in Four Seasons (Fin du monde en quatre saisons) (Canada, 1995)
  • Elephantrio (co-authors: Graeme Ross, John Weldon) (Canada, 1985)
  • The Same Old Story (Une histoire comme une autre) (Canada, 1981)
  • An Old Box (Une vieille boite) (Canada, 1975)
  • Cat’s Cradle (Au bout du fil) (Canada, 1974)
  • Air! (Canada, 1972)
  • Le bleu perdu (Canada, 1972)
  • Ei om Zeep (The Killing of an Egg) (Netherlands, 1977)
  • On Land, at Sea and in the Air (Netherlands, 1980)
  • Treinhuisje (Home on the Rails) (Netherlands, 1981)
  • La Belle et la Boîte (Oh What a Knight) (Canada, 1982)
  • Het scheppen vane en koe (Spotting a Cow) (Netherlands, 1983)
  • Spiegeleiland (Sunny Side Up) (Netherlands, 1985)
  • De schrijver en de dood (The Writer) (Netherlands, 1988)
  • Uncles & Aunts 1&2 (Netherlands, 1989)
  • 3 Misses (Netherlands, 1999)