The Jury: Platinum Grand Prize

The Platinum Grand Prize is awarded to the film which best uses animation techniques in a movie. The
Future Film Festival selects the most remarkable animation titles made in the past two years, irrespective
of the animation technique, for its feature film competition. The ten prestigious competing movies come
from every corner of the world, from the Czech Republic to Korea, from Japan to the United States, passing
through Denmark, France and Spain, proving the great vitality in terms of expressive liberty conveyed to
cinema by animation.

Francesco Festuccia

Journalist and writer, Francesco Festuccia is presently senior
head of the cultural editorial staff of Tg2, where he works as
correspondent and is involved in cinema, contributing with
interviews and news coverage to the most important Italian
and foreign released films and to events such as the Cannes,
Venice and Rome Film Festivals. He previously worked at
Rai Radio for the News (Giornale Radio Rai), where he was
in charge of music and was also the newscaster of some GR
editions. He also held positions of responsibility in editorial
staff for the cultural and entertainment departments of the
daily newspapers «Il Messaggero» and «Italia Oggi». He has
been juror in national and international festivals both for
long-feature and short-feature films. He wrote several books:
Dio salvi il made in Italy, Viva il Prosecco Abbasso lo champagne,
Alla faccia del bagnino, La discontinuità del tulipano.

Carlo Mauro

Professor of Artistic Anatomy at Bologna Academy of Fine
Arts, Carlo Mauro also teaches sequence drawing and
dynamics and motion of the human body. As a visual artist,
he showed his works in personal and collective exhibitions
from 1969 to date. From 1991 to 2003 he conceived and set
up the courses of history of animated drawing and breaking
down a drawing at the Bologna Academy of Fine Art.
Historian and collector of animated movies, he created
Fantasmagoria in 2004: meetings and screenings about the
history of animated film and International movie trailers at
Cinema Odeon in Bologna, which is now at its 9th edition. In
2006 he published for Bologna’s Sala Borsa Ragazzi Library
a book about the history of international animated movies
called Abracamovie, la Magia del Cinema di Animazione, in
collaboration with Luca Della Casa and Laura Zardi.

Luca Valtorta

He studied Languages and Oriental Literature
at the Venice Cà Foscari University. His passion for
contemporary Japanese culture brought him to write
Sol Mutante with Alessandro Gomarasca in 1999. For
many years he worked as a freelance journalist, writing
about music and technology, cinema and art for several
magazines, including «Focus», «Sette» the Corriere della
Sera supplement and «Tutto Musica», for which he was
also editor-in-chief. In 2004 he followed the editorial
restyling of the magazine «Musica!», supplement to the
newspaper «La Repubblica», which brought about the
creation of the new monthly magazine «Repubblica XL»
he directs.