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Platinum Grand Prize

Ánima Buenos Aires

Sunday 14 April 2013 2:00 pm
Cinema Lumière - Sala Scorsese

Ánima Buenos Aires

by María Verónica Ramírez – , 2012

('95, Digital, original version with Italian subtitles)

Humor, tango and emotion, in a film that reveals the hidden soul of Buenos Aires by means of the subtle look of the most outstanding artists of animation and graphic arts of Argentina. This is a feature animation film made up of four episodes, reflecting each one a different profile, a unique place of this magical city, with the main role of tango, as music and as dance. 2D animation, collage and photomontage, stop motion, stencils, are combined with an exquisite handling of humor, absurd and poetry, to create an extraordinary plastic and conceptually rich movie.


María Verónica Ramírez

Born in Buenos Aires, in 1957, after studied drawing and painting at Art School, she went on to learn the techniques of photography, animation and art restoration. She worked on publicity and in 1989 she started out as director’s assistant on Clemente puppet TV series. In 1990, she created along with Caloi the television program Caloi en su Tinta, which she also directs and produces. Between 1993 and 2000, María Verónica Ramírez organized several national animation competitions and retrospectives program which had been shown at very important international festivals such as Annecy Festival (France). Since 1995, she has been in charge of CT Producciones as a production company for TV, publicity and cultural contents. She produces and directs over 100 animated short programs for Unicef for the childhood rights.

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