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Platinum Grand Prize

The Bear Tales

Friday 6 May 2016 6:00 pm
Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni

I racconti dell'orso

by Samuele Sestieri, Olmo Amato – Italy, 2015

(67', Original)

In a world abandoned by humans, a mechanical monk follows a strange little red man. After crossing forests, dead cities and desolate plains, the two odd characters reach the top of a magic hill. The discovery of a torn teddy bear who’s in bad shape reconciles the two. They join forces, in hopes of bringing the inanimate toy to life and escaping the void that surrounds them.




Samuele Sestieri, Olmo Amato

Samuele Sestieri (Rome, 1989) graduated in directing and screenwriting from the ACT Multimedia Film Academy. He has written, directed and edited over ten shorts, including Danza al tramonto (2012), presented at the CinemAmbiente festival in Turin. He is also a film critic for various websites: he founded the blog “Schermo bianco” and is one of the editors-in-chief of the movie magazine “Point Blank.” 

Olmo Amato (Rome, 1986) graduated in neurobiology at La Sapienza University in Rome. A professional photographer and video maker, he is involved in fine-art prints, post-production and teaching. He also curates the photographic archive of the Alberto Moravia Fund. His photographic projects “Rinascite” (Rebirths) and “Sogni, memorie e incubi dalla metropolis” (Dreams, memories and nightmares from the metropolis) were selected for the Photo Kathmandu festival and the 2014 Young Illustrators Award in Berlin.


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