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Friday 8 May 2015 6:00 pm
Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni


by Marco Pavone – Italy, 2015

(93', Original)

Alan Burlesque  is the prime minister of a powerfull governement. He lives between politics, business and sex. Apparently, nothing can damage his "realm" and every opposer seems disappering. But there's one that could wreck everything! Despite his enormous power, Alan cannot beata misterious and obscure woman wearing a Burqa.  Who is she? Did she have sopranatural powers? What does she want? 



Marco Pavone

Marco Pavone (1976) was born in Naples, where on the 1998, he graduate in Philosophy.

He starts his career like satiric drawer at the Naples' newspaper "Il Mattino" and for the Rizzoli editor house. Since the 1997, after a Bachelor at the Disney's accademy, he makes comics for "Topolino". On 1999, he starts working as post-producer in Milan for some studios, entering in the animation world.

Since 2002, he starts directing music videoclip for many italian artists like  Daniele Silvestri, Ginuwine, Subsonica, Coolio, Luca Carboni, Caparezza, Le Vibrazioni, Subsonica, Edoardo Bennato, Tiromancino  and many others.

On 2007 MTV buys  once of his short-movies, the Last Subway. He directed and produced also three animated feature-film:  Zero Zero(2009), Extra (2013), Burqa(2015). I

On 2013 he presented, from the Venezia festival's red carpet,  a musical short-movie, Symphony of life, produced with Giovanni Allevi.

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