Tuesday 16 April 2013 10:30 pm
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Cockneys VS Zombies

by Matthias Hoene – UK, 2012

(88', Digital, Original version with Italian subtitles)

Harry Treadaway as Andy Macguire, Rasmus Hardiker as Terry Macguire, Alan Ford as Ray Macguire, Michelle Ryan as Katy, Georgia King as Emma, Honor Blackman as Peggy, Tony Gardner as Clive, Richard Briers as Hamish, Jack Doolan as Davey Tuppence, Ashley Bashy Thomas as Mental Mickey, Dudley Sutton as Eric, Georgina Hale as Doreen, Tony Selby as Daryl

In a building site two construction workers discover a 17th Century graveyard condemned by Charles II and are bitten by zombies, setting off a zombie outbreak in London’s East End. Andy, Terry and Katy McGuire, a group of inept cockney criminals are planning a bank robbery so they can save their grandfather’s retirement house “The Bow Bells Care Home” from being demolished by property developers. During the robbery the police are alerted and the gang take hostages in order to escape. Upon leaving the bank, however, they find that the police have been killed by a growing horde of zombies. They must then get to the retirement village in order to rescue their grandfather and escape the zombie apocalypse.

The plot focuses on two cockney siblings that  lead the residents of a quiet retirement community in a bloody war against the walking dead.


Matthias Hoene

Born in Singapore, Matthias Hoene grew up in Berlin and studied in Sydney and London. The multicultural environment he grew up in has informed his work and after directing a couple of award winning shorts he was quickly signed up by Partizan, one of London’s most highly awarded production companies. His first directing assignment was a music video for Fatboy Slim and shortly after he directed his first commercial, which won a Golden Lion in Cannes. Since this, Matthias has been directing award winning music videos, commercials and documentaries all over the world while continuing to work on personal projects. His ability to imbue genre material with heart as well as grit and to create visionary images, and push the envelope in filmmaking makes him a director to watch.


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