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Platinum Grand Prize


Thursday 3 April 2014 6:00 pm
Cinema Lumière - Sala Scorsese


by Alain Ughetto – France, 2013

(70', Bluray, Original version with Italian subtitles)

A story of love and revolution emerging from plasticine… France, end of the Seventies. Alain is the author of several cartoon films. His romantic meeting with a young Iranian student, Jasmine, changes the course of his life. Teheran, 1978. The revolution sweeps away the despised regime of the Shah. Alain has joined Jasmine, their love grows in clandestinity, with the hope that a new life is possible. The introduction of the Islamic Republic will deistroy their illusions, and separate the two lovers… For how long? 30 years later, it is time for Alain to revisit the theatre of his memory. Several faded blue airgrams, super 8 films… Not much remains. With his fingertips, from the bottom of the heart, he resurrects the past image by image. In the restitution of a mysterious and oppressive Teheran, in the helter skelter of History, beings of paste and blood fight, like many others, for love and freedom. 


Alain Ughetto

Regista francese specializzato in film d’animazione, Alain Ughetto realizza il suo primo cortometraggio, L' Echelle, nel 1981, vincendo il premio César per miglior corto d’animazione. Nel 1984 vince lo stesso premio per il corto La Boule. Tra il 1986 e il 1998 lavora come reporter per diverse stazioni televisive e successivamente si dedica alla realizzazione di due documentari per France 3. Nel 2013 esce il suo primo lungometraggio di animazione, Jasmine.
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