Anime preview

Future Film Festival 2006 opens a new section Anime Preview to show the new Japanese tv series as Italian preview.

The programme:

Brain Powered

by Tomino Yoshiyuki, 1998 Japan. Dubbed in Italian.

Brain Powered is directed by Tomino Yoshiyuki, the cult author of Gundam, Daitarn3 and Zambot3. It’s a modern robotic serie, produced again by Sunrise. Gigant robots, like Evangelion’s robots, are piloted by a Japanese teenager group whose mission is to face with them and their growing, and they will be supported by their gigant and motherly living vehicles.

Ordian (Ginsokiko Ordian)

by Obari Masami,  2000, Japan . O.V. with subtitles in Italian.

Ordian is another post-Evangelion robotic serie screened on satellite channel WOWOW specialized on animations for adults. Yu is the young pilot of a gigant robot, recruited by IMO (International Military Organization).
With him other young pilots are selected .

Ten Tokyo Warriors (Tokyo Jusshoden)

by Shoji Takashi. O.V. with subtitles in Italian.

The serie Ten Tokyo Warriors, based on a novel by Shoji Suguru, immerses the audience in misteries, fights, and supernatural powers, set on the Tokyo’s streets.