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Tribute to Japanese Ghosts Movie: spectres and spirits of the Japanese folklore

Future Film Festival 2006 will dedicate a tribute to the Japanese ghosts movie tradition, looking for roots of famous contemporary movies as Ring, Dark Water or Spirited Away.
Future Film Festival will show movies belong to the origins of Japanese horror movies, as Jigoku di Nagakawa Nobuo, and also the Festival will explore the unknown tradition of oral tells about Yokai, things and nature spirits. Besides the Festival will show a new movie, Kairo by Kurosawa Kiyoshi, a new horror masterpiece, Operetta Tanukigoten, by Suzuki Seijun and Yokai Daisenso by Miike Takashi.
The retrospective is edited by Luca della Casa and Carlo Tagliazucca.

Time Travel

Future Film Festival 2006 will invite you to a Time Travel with this retrospective. The subject had always fascinated the human imaginary, and it’s usually used by the science fiction cinema, based on the idea of time that can be thought as a sort of space. “Today there are two ways of time travelling: an imaginary one and an imaginative one. The first one needs only a blow on the head, a dream or a spell. The second one needs a machine that starts up the time difference and it carries us trought the time. On the occasion of the retrospective, a meeting about the time travel on letterature and science fiction will be organized. Darko Suvin, Emeritus Professor at Mc Gill University and Carlo Pagelli, Professor of English Letterature at Milan University, will take part in the meeting.The retrospective is edited by Franco La Polla.

Tribute to Jannik Hastrup

It’s the first time in Italy that all features films an a large selection of shorts by Jannick Hastrup wiill be sceened. The Danish author is prolific in the animation domain for all kind of audience. In all his movies, well-known in Europe and almost unknown in Italy, we can find very important subjects, like environment, the human cruelty against animals, the fear of war and of its devastations. Also, Hastrup demonstrates his knowledge and mastery of realization techniques, to tell stories in the best way and enrich them with great visual poetry. Jannik Hastrup will attend Future Film Festival to meet the public. The tribute is organised cooperating with the association Gli anni in tasca.

Tribute to animation made in UK

Future Film Festival 2006 will dedicate a tribute to English production companies dealing with animation and digital effects applied to images. Since some years these production companies have become very important for the international survey thanks to imaginative videoclips, such as Gorilla’s and Franz Ferdinand’s ones, povocative tv series, clever heading titles for feature films and funny tv interludes.

The best selection (adverts, videoclip, movies heading titles) from Passion Pictures, Tandem Films and others will be screened.

The retrospective is edited by Susanna Corchia.

Tribute to Czech animation: Jiri Trnka and Famu Film School from Praha

After the tribute to soviet cinema and to the Zagreb school, Future Film Festival keep on pay attention to animation in East Europe. 2006 edition will dedicated a retrospective about the great master in puppet animation, Jiri Trnka, and about the famous film school Famu in Praha. A selection of the best works realized in the last years will screened during the festival.


Aardman Animation Studios

La casa di produzione inglese specializzata nell’animazione in stopmotion, dopo Galline in fuga del 2000, sta per tornare sul grande schermo con Wallace and Gromit – Curse of the WereRabbit.
In programma al Future Film Festival 2006 un incontro e un workshop con un animatore dello studio.

Grangel Studio

Meeting with the character design Carlos Grangel, who worked in big success such as Shrek and Prince of Egypt. His last cooperation is with Tim Burton for the animated movie The Corpse Bride.

Moving Picture Company

The homage to the Tim Burton’s big creativity continues in the meeting with Moving Pictures Company, who handled special effects in The Corpse Bride and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. For the first time at Future Film Festival, the company who worked at the biggest blockbuster of the last season, like the epic Kingdom of Heaven or the gloomy Batman Begins.

Pixar Animation Studios

After the huge success of The Incredibles, there’s a big wait for the next production of the animation studio based in San Francisco. Among the others Cars, feature film directed by John Lasseter, starring funny racing cars. The movie will be on theatre next summer.
Future Film Festival 2006 will première the newest short film made by Pixar: One Man Band.

Weta Digital

After the Lord of the Rings saga, the special effects company from New Zeeland is coming back with King Kong, new movie directed by Peter Jackson. Matt Aitken, Weta digital modelling supervisor, will come to Future Film Festival to tell the secrets of the King Kong making of.

Meeting with Kyle Cooper

Founder of Prologue Films and Imaginary Forces, Kyle Cooper is one of the most prolific and fanciful graphic designer and heading titles for feature films producer, such as: Seven, SpiderMan, Mission Impossible, Mimic, Dream Catcher, Men in Black, The legend of Zorro, Donnie Brasco, Spawn. Heir of the Saul Bass art, Cooper will meet the public of the festival and his greatest works will be screened.


Future Film Festival Digital Award

7th edition of the competition for Italian works made with employing digital 3D elaborations and which contribute to the technical and expressive renewal in the production domain. Digital Award is promoted by Future Film Festival and Alias.

Future Film Short

È la sezione del Future Film Festival dedicata ai cortometraggi provenienti da tutto il mondo, realizzati con tecniche di animazione tradizionale e digitale, o live con effetti speciali. Come nelle scorse edizioni sarà il pubblico del festival a eleggere i corti migliori.
In collaborazione con GAN Assicurazioni.

Future Web Festival

It's the section dedicated to short films coming from all over the world, realized with traditional and digital animation techniques, or live action with special effects. Like other editions, the audience of the festival will be the judge of the two best short films. In cooperation with Gan Assicurazioni.

Il Futuro dei Toons

This section is dedicated to the new and most interesting animated TV series coming from all over the world. New productions that will capture the anime and cartoons fans are coming as absolute premières, such as: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Haibane Renmei, Texhnolyze, Godannar, Basilisk and some new episodes of the famous Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Future Film Game

Like every year Future Film Festival renews the appointment dedicated to videogames world. A travel to discover the most recent productions in the art able to make interactive animation.

How To Create An Animated Short Film

After the last year success, Future Film Festival proposes a new meeting with a European animation schools, to give the chance to young Italian authors of enlarge their perspectives about their own artistic training in the animation domain, through meetings with teachers and screening of the works made by students. At the same time, teachers will have the possibility to let people know their school, encouraging the cultural exchange between different countries.