Future Film Game

20th January 2006, 7:00 pm, Capitol Multisala, hall 1

Future Film Game, the FFF date with videogame world, is came back.
Future Film Festival 2006 guest will be David Naval, the Eden Games’s founder. He will show the premiere of Alone in the Dark: the game is an adverture set on a dark New York, last embodiment of a saga started on 1992 and one of the first exemples of the kind survival horror like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Project Zero.

David Nadal

David Nadal has an engineer degree specializing in mechanics and automatisms from the Ism University in Montpelier. He started at Infogrames at the beginning of PS1 thanks to his knowledge of 3D and in game physic dynamics. He began work for Infogrames as a programmer on V-Rally PS1. After the success of the game (over 4million sold to date) he decided along with two other team members to build their own company and called it ‘Eden Studios’. David then became Game Director on V-Rally 2 for the S1/PC/DreamCast and then also for Kya on the PS2. Now David is working on Alone in the Dark for the Xbox 360 as Game Director.