Future Film Short

Future Film Short is the traditional Future Film Festival award addressed to shorts coming from all over the world, realized through traditional and digital techniques, or live with special effects.
This year too, the GAN Award was assigned by the Future Film Festival audience.

The prizes were assigned to Little Things by Daniel Greaves (1000 euros - first prize) and to Limbo Art History by Patrizio Ansaloni and Andrea Nadalini (500 euros - second prize).

In collaboration with GAN

The shorts in competition:

4L Love
by Denis Chapon, France, 2005

Abi’s Soup
by Alfredo Lamie, Spain, 2005

by Melissa Webster, USA, 2005

Agricultural Report
by Melina Sydney Padua, Barley Films, Ireland, 2004

by Anne-Sophie Bertrand, Thibault Debeurne, Sophie Van De Velde, Pascal Verkindt, France, 2004

Baba Hameda
by Jamel Dahmani, France, 2005

by Lucette Braune, Holland, 2004

Between Two Crumbs
by Sylvain Ollier, France, 2005

Black Day To Freedom
by Rob Chiu, France, 2005

Born To Be Alive
by Dimitri Cohen-Tanugi, Sylvère Bastien, Mickael Pressouyre, Marie Verhoeven, France, 2004

by Melo Prino, Italy, 2005

by Matthew Szydlik, USA, 2005

by Luis Nieto, France, 2005

by Gilles Cuvelier, Les Films Du Nord, France, 2005

City Paradise
by Gaelle Denis, Passion Pictures, UK, 2004

by Max Hattler, Autour de Minuit, France, 2005

Conduite accompagnée
by Pierre Razetto, France, 2004

by Noëlle Triaureau, France, 2004

Dance Without Drugs? Why Not Now

by Hans Camille Vancol, Run Multimedia - Regione Veneto - Vic Ballet Academy, Italy, 2005

Der Park
by Nicolas Mahler, Austria, 2005

by Paul Jadoul, Atelier de Production de La Cambre, Belgium, 2005

Doll No. 639
by András György Dési, Gábor Móray, Hungary, 2005

E tutto diventò rosso
by Bulba, Etnagigante, Italy, 2005

by Edouard Salier, Nicolas Schmerkin, Italy, 2005

Fallen Art
by Tomek Baginski, Platige Image, Poland, 2004

by Edouard Salier, France, 2005

Food For Thought
by Ian Yonika, USA, 2005

Football Toys
by Pericles Michielin, USA, 2005

Giocattoli futuristi
by Claudio Castelli, Italy, 2005

God Damn Sheep
by Adrien Zeppieri, France, 2005

Gold And Brown
by Bryce Mcgovern, USA, 2005

Hasta la muerte
by Juan Perez-Fajardo, Lolita Film, Spain, 2005

by Adam Janeczeic, Florian Durand, France, 2004

Hello Again, Jojo
by Hans P. Bacher, Polygon Pictures Inc., Japan, 2004

by Thomas Bernos, Jérome Haupert, Nicolas Lesaffre, France, 2004

by Francesco Filippi, Italy, 2005

Il Corvo e la Farfalla
by Andrea Cerini, Italy, 2005

Il pleut bergère
by Jeremy Depuyt, Les Films Du Nord, France, 2005

by Cédric Babouche, Sacrebleu Productions, France, 2004

Into Pieces
by Guilherme Marcondes, France, 2005

Jelly Hunter
by Didier Guagliano, France, 2005

Journey To The West
by Motonori Sakakibara, Sprite Animation Studios, USA, 2005

Killing the Long Race Champion
by Xi Chen, China, 2004

L’amore non ha parole
by Claudia Muzii, Italy, 2005

L’eau de Rose
by Arthur de Pins, Metronomic, France, 2004

by Johan Pollefoort, Atelier de Production de La Cambre, Belgium, 2005

La fiera dei morti

by Francesco Vecchi, Italy, 2004

Là Haut/Up There
by Remi Durin, Atelier de Production de La Cambre, Belgium, 2005

La Lupe i en Bruno
by Marc Riba, Anna Solanas, I+G Stop Motion, Spain, 2005

La Parole de Vie (I et II)
by Pierre La Police, France, 2004

La révolution des crabes
by Arthur De Pins, Metronomic, France, 2004

Learn Self Defense
by Chris Harding, Chris Harding Animation Concern, USA, 2004

Limboart History
by Patrizio Ansaloni, Andrea Nadalini, Loop srl, Italy, 2005

Little Things
by Daniel Greaves, Tandem Films Entertainment, UK, 2004

by Bruno Bozzetto, Italy, 2004

Lunolin, petit naturaliste
by Cecilia Marreiros Marum, Les Films Du Nord, France, 2005

by Géza M. Tóth, Studio Kedd, 2005, Hungar

by S. Ceccherini, S. Ciraolo, A. Lia, 2004, Italy

by Igor Kovalyov, Klasky Csupo, 2005, USA

by Mariano Fiocco, 2005, Italy

Morir de amor
by Gil Alkabetz, Sweet Home Studio, 2004, Germany

by Susanna Ceccherini, Marco Marchetta, 2004, Italy

Oltre s.p.a.
by Lorenzo Burlando, Camera G. e P., 2005, Italy

Oreille remplie de plumes
by Luis Nieto, 2005, France

by Oury Atlan, Thibault Berland, Damien Ferrie, 2004, France

Phone Call
by Federico Guidi, 2005, Italy

by Mike Hollands, Act3Animation, 2005, Australia

by Valérie Pirson, 2004, France

by Ali Taylor, 2005, UK

by Michael Sewnarain, Il Luster Productions, 2005, Holland

Real Life
by Laurence Mence, 2005, France

Recit des temps pesteux
by Pierre Mosquet, Atelier de Production de La Cambre, 2005, Belgium

Remote Control
by Kyle Hefley, USA, 2005

by Olivier Brugnoli, Olivier Joignant, Sabrina Miramon, Agnès Rama, 2004, France

Rue du Tordu
by Nicole Tomaino, USA, 2005

Sad Dog
by Koe, Il Luster Productions, , Holland, 2005

Sal And The Great Frustration
by Drew Malesky, USA, 2005

Samuroid Zero
by Yuichi Abe, Polygon Pictures Inc., Japan, 2005

Scent of a Robot
by UVPhactory, USA, 2004

by V. Ventimiglia, A.Cordini, G. Barrocu, V. Ghignone, G. Ferrari, F. Riginelli, Italy, 2004

Shadows and Reflections
by Stephen Whittle, Sgrin Cymru Wales, UK, 2005

by Jonathan Busby, Canada, 2004

by Jean-Baptiste Natali-Ginoux, France, 2005

Tadeo Jones
by Enrique Gato, La Fiesta Producciones s.a., Spain, 2004

Tango sur scie
by Caroline Attia, France, 2004

Tank you
by Patrizio Ansaloni, Andrea Nadalini, Loop srl, Italy, 2005

by André Bergs, Il Luster Productions, Holland, 2005

The Def Song
by Doctor L. / Xavier Reé, France, 2004

The Fan And The Flower
by Bill Plympton, USA, 2005

The Legend of the Scarecrow
by Barco Besas, Spain, 2005

The Mill
by Florian Thouret, France, 2005

The New Deal, The Remix
by Baptiste Jaquemet, France, 2005

The Old Crocodile
by Koji Yamamura, Yamamura Animation Inc., Japan, 2005

The Stopover
by David Lopez, France, 2005

The Turkey Tree
by Charlene Gueneau, France, 2005

The Zit
by Mike Blum, USA, 2005

Things That Go Bump In The Night
by Joshua Beveridge, USA, 2005

To Air Is Human
by Christopher Bancroft, USA, 2005

True Color
by Pierre Ducos, Bertrand Bey, France, 2004

Un monde meilleur
by Igor Pejic, France, 2005

Un vestito speciale
by Mattia Francesco Laviosa, Cartobaleno, Italy, 2005

Vent de sel
by Agathe Servouze, France, 2004

Viaje a Marte
by Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina, 2004

Vol Au Vent
by Rémi Vandenitte, Atelier de Production de La Cambre, Belgium, 2005

Workin Progress
by Gabriel Garcia, Benjamin Fligans, GeorgieVandendaele, Benjamin Flinois, France, 2004

by Spela Cadez, Germany, 2004