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Future Web Festival

Future Web Festival: the competition

Future Web Festival is a competition for innovating and original websites. The most creative works will be awarded in the following categories: independent websites (realized without commission) and corporate websites (realized under commission for entreprises, companies, associations).
The websites were shown during the Future Film festival 2006 and they were voted by a jury of web designers. The jury has  assign ed two prizes (hardware and software) for both categories.

The Future Web Festival’s winners are: for the independent category Yamamoto Kyoko (first prize) with the following site and Samuele Schiavo (second prize) with the site for the corporate category Sergio Sini (first prize) with the site and Silvia Saba (second prize) with the site

Future Web Festival: the round table

21th January 2006, 10:00 am, Palazzo Re Enzo
The television of the future will be, probably, on internet. But how will be it? Will it be passive, like the today’s television, or will it be able to satisfy the audience choices? FFF2006 organizes a round table to think about this object. Some of he best Italian and international web designers and experts on new media technologies will take part on the meeting: Craig Swann, expert on technology and new media, Alberto Cecchi, webdesigner, Massimiliano “strelnik” Bianchi, vlogger and Benedetto Habib, the My-Tv’s CEO. Luca Vaglio will be the moderator of the round table.

Future Web Festival: the workshop

21th January 2006, 14: 30 pm, Palazzo Re Enzo
Workshop with Craig Swann, expert and popularizer of technology and new media.
Anyone can take part at the workshop.
Craig Swann is the founder of the award-winning interactive agency CRASH!MEDIA. He has been working in the online space since 1995 and has been a core part of the Flash community since its inception. As an educator, curator, speaker, and writer of new media technologies, he written and contributed to seven Flash books, and curated over a dozen new media events featuring some of the world’s brightest Flash and interactive developers. His Flash work at CRASH! has received over a dozen awards and has been featured in both print and on television. Craig’s interactive audio work has developed into the multi-award winning online music application Looplabs, which has been used by such clients as Coca-Cola, Miller, Bacardi, Calvin Klein, Toyota, Sony, and others.