Tribute to Jannik Hastrup

It’s the first time in Italy that all features films an a large selection of shorts by Jannick Hastrup wiill be sceened. The Danish author is prolific in the animation domain for all kind of audience. In all his movies, well-known in Europe and almost unknown in Italy, we can find very important subjects, like environment, the human cruelty against animals, the fear of war and of its devastations. Also, Hastrup demonstrates his knowledge and mastery of realization techniques, to tell stories in the best way and enrich them with great visual poetry. Jannik Hastrup will attend Future Film Festival to meet the public.
The tribute is organised by Angela Mastrolonardo and Olga Durano (Associazione Gli anni in tasca).

Movies by Jannik Hastrup at FFF2006:

Feature Films

Samson og Sally (Samson and Sally) Denmark, 1984, 63′, 35 mm.
Strit og Summe (Subway to Paradise) Denmark, 1987, 82′, 35 mm.
Fuglekrigen (War of the birds) Denmark, 1990, 72′, 35 mm.
H. C. Andersen og Den Skæve Skygge (Hans Christian Andersen and The long shadow), Denmark, 1998, 73′, 35 mm.
Cirkeline - Ost & Kærlighed (Circleen - Mice and Romance)Denmark, 2000, 61′, 35 mm.
Drengen der ville gøre det umulige (The boy who wanted to be a bear) Denmark, 2002, 78′, 35′
Cirkeline og verdens mindset superhelt (Little big mouse) Denmark, 2004, 80′, 35 mm’

Medium length

Bennys badekar (Benny’s Bathtub) Denmark, 1970, 45′, 35 mm.
Havets sang
(Song of the sea) Denmark, 1993, 27′, 35 mm.


Historiebogen (The History book) 1972-75
Bjarne og Brittas Vidunderlige (The wonderfull world of Barney and Betty) Denmark, 1991, Dodo, 1992
- A night in Tunisia, Denmark, 1995-96, 5′, 35 mm.
- April in Paris, Denmark, 1995-’96, 5′, 35 mm.
- Dream a little dream of me Denmark, 1995-’96, 5′, 35 mm.
- Over the rainbow, Denmark, 1995-’96, 5′, 35 mm.


Concerto erotica, Denmark, 1964, 7′, 16 mm.
Ønskebenet (The wishbone) Denmark, 1971, 2,5′, 16 mm.
Roji Negra, Denmark, 2985, 2′, 16 mm.
Hvordan det videre gik den Grimme Ælling (The futher adventures of the Ugly Duckling) Denmark, 1988, 12′, 35′.
Take care, Denmark, 1988, 4′, 16 mm.
Tango Jalousie Denmark, 1996, 5′, 35 mm.