Tribute to Time Machines

Future Film Festival 2006 invites you to a time travel with this retrospective. The subject had always fascinated the human imaginary, and it’s usually used by the science fiction cinema, based on the idea of time that can be thought as a sort of space.
On the occasion of the retrospective, there will be a meeting about the time travel on literature and science fiction. Darko Suvin, Emeritus Professor at Mc Gill University and Carlo Pagelli, Professor of English Letterature at Milan University, will take part in the meeting.
The retrospective is edited by Franco La Polla.

The movies:

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court

by Tay Garnett (1949)

A young Connecticut Yankee dreams to turn back in the time to the Arthur’s Court. The comparison between the modern man and the medieval man produces a lot of funny adventures.

The Time Machine

by George Pal (1960)

London at the end of ‘800. A scientist travels throught the time and he arrives to a future in which strange cretures live, Eloi are weak and ingenous creatures and Morlocks, aggressive creatures.

Journey to the Center of Time

by David L. Hewitt (1967)

Four scientists find out the secret of time and space but they are transported by change in a time in which dinosaurs populate the hearth.

Beneath the Planet of Apes

by Ted Post (1970)

At the beginning of IV millenium the world is ruled by apes. They clash for the power. The world is populated by a race of mutant-humans which adore the Nuclear Bomb God.
The world risks the total destruction.

Time After Time

by Nicolas Meyer (1979)

H. G. Wells, the writer, has invented the machine to travel into the time. One of the Wells’s colleague, who is Jack the Ripper, uses the machine to escape from the end of ‘800 to our time. H. G. Wells runs after him to bring him in their time.


by William Dear (1982)

A motorcyclist in the desert of Mexico finds a time machine. The machine is part of the Timerider project and it carries away to Far West. While brigants look for steal his motorcycle, scientis of Timerider project look for to bring him to the present.

The Time Guardian

by Brian Hannant e Andrew Prowse (1987)

In a distant future, the human people risks the extintion and a new race of creatures like beasts control the world.
The few surviving people, live into the City, a huge protected construction with the ability to travel in both space and time a little building that are able to travel into the time and space. The City travels back to the time to save the humanity.

Army of Darkness

by Sam Raimi (1993)

A group of friends go to a mountain refuge. In the refuge there is a misterious book, the Necronomicon. The book causes the death of the group, one by one. Ash is the only survivor and throught the Necronomicon runs away from the refuge and he arrives in a immaginary Middle Age in which he has to face with many diffuculties and adventures. are al presente.