3D Day

For the first time, Future Film Festival will dedicate an entire day, the 31st January, to the development of digital cinema and, in particular, of 3D stereoscopy in Italy and worldwide.

Two separated panels of professionals, including producers, distributors, movie theatre managers, Italian and foreign directors will take part to a conference, in order to discuss the state of the art of 3D elaboration new technologies, and their applications.

Real pioneers of animation cinema, like Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, James Cameron, George Lucas e Peter Jackson define 3D animation, this relatively new tri-dimensional technology based on the use of polarized glass like “ the most exciting innovation in cinema history since the introduction of sound and the use of colour.”

Major production companies are increasingly adopting this technology, and the reasons for this choice will be discussed at the occasion of the conference that will focus on this subject.

The conference will be followed in the afternoon by the screening of different movies and 3D materials, and by a 30-minutes preview of Monsters vs. Aliens, the latest DreamWorks production, expressly conceived for 3D screening.
3D Day will see the prestigious contribution of Jeffrey Katzenberg that will take part to the event, accounting for his important experience.

3D DAY will be supervised by curator Marco Spagnoli, who stated that: “ 3D animation is a real revolution on the verge of exploding, that will ineluctably mark a change in our lives as cinema lovers and cinemagoers.”

Digima is official partner of this event.