The Jury: Future Film Short 2012

According to 14th edition, Future Film Festival dedicates a broad section to special effects animation and
live action shorts from all over the world and, in particular, from countries like France, UK, United States,
Korea, Japan, Spain, Russia and Italy. Any kind of technique and experimentation is eligible for Future Film
Short, so as to better set off individual artists’ creativity. This year too, besides the customary audience
awards, an expert jury will award the Bologna Province Prize to the best short film.

Giovanna Bo

Graduates in MA, has a background of freelance screenwriting
for Walt Disney Italy, then founds Achtoons in
1999, which she chairs first and is sole director of since
2005. She is involved in projects for the Region Emilia-
Romagna, Faac Spa, Teddy Rinascimento, Magnolia and
Fandango with Achtoons; moreover she also functions as
collaboration coordinator with Italian and international
animation production companies, amongst which Lanterna
Magica and Berlin’s Cartoon Film. She also holds as Creative
Producer, in charge of the concept and all the creative
developments of publishing and audiovisuals.

Andrea Mantignoni

Performer, sound designer, historian in Animation, has
created soundtracks for short animated films by several
authors like Blu, Saul Saguatti, Michele Bernardi, Pierre
Hébert and others. He teaches history of animation at
the Fine Arts Academy of Palermo, and works closely with
several international festivals on master classes, workshops,
lectures tackling topics related to animation and
soundtrack. Contributes to workshops with the Cultural
Association Basmati and OTTOmans and promotes Italian
animated cinema internationally. He won the Golden
Reiter for the best soundtrack at the 23rd edition of the
International Short Film Festival FilmFest Dresden and the
Asifa Award Italy 2010.

Saul Saguatti

Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 1988,
he is performer, director and experimental animator. Using
different styles, with experiences as painter, illustrator
and cartoonist, he also works for TV as a classic animator
on 35mm film, making 2D CG, working with animated
marionettes and drawing directly on the film. He shoots
video clip where his traditional video or film stock footage
mixes with actors and backdrops. In the last years his
interests have moved on to live media end video performances
in real time. He is President of the cultural Association
Basmati, a research project devoted to experimental
pictures, based on the development of interdisciplinary
techniques of stop motion animation.