Brazilian Motion Graphics

Within the international promotion circle of Future Film Festival, Regione Emilia-Romagna, together with CNA Emilia-Romagna, chooses Brazil as guest country, to increase the synergies with the different districts of the Regione itself. Regione Emilia-Romagna, with the Italian Government and other Regions, is organizing several events for the Year of Italy in Brazil, that will have its great mass of events in the first 6 months of 2012.Since 2009 Regione has worked with Future Film Festival for building specific projects for India, Canada and China, with the aim to promote the multi-media companies of the Region itself. Brazilian Motion Graphics presents a whole conference dedicated to motion graphics in Brazil, with four companies coming at Future Film Festival: MTV Brasil, Molho, BEELD.motion and Lobo. Future Film Festival offers to all the professionals the possibility to meet the speakers of the conference and know better a production reality with an international development.

Inaugurated on October 20, 1990, MTV Brazil is now the largest TV network aimed at young audiences targeted. It reaches more than 22 million people per month across the country, most young people 15-29 years. The focus of the TV schedule is music, humour, sports, fashion and behaviour, always treated with bold and irreverent language. Over these 20 years, MTV has always treated with great care and incisiveness the questions related to citizenship, environment, violence, education and health. Campaigns to prevent AIDS, drugs, environment, combating violence and encouraging political participation.The MTV brand goes beyond the TV. It became an youth icon. A symbol of pop culture, identified by values such as attitude and irreverence. Its main feature is the constant search for innovation. Expressed through the unique audiovisual language and modern design. Therein lies the heart of MTV, which inspires creativity and timeliness.

Marcelo Garcia and his studio Molho have been known for creating personal and commissioned work that is quirky, challenging and visually peculiar since 2007. He is usually engaged on project types that might include anything from video direction and animation to design, illustration and typography for clients in the fields of film, broadcast, music, fashion and advertising.Molho has produced designs and animations for «The New York Times Magazine», titles for the likes of Darren Aronofsky and Focus Features, prints and patterns for Diesel, a motion identity system for Coca-Cola Worldwide and a 50-minute animation as the set of an opera.The work produced by Molho holds several awards, has been featured on hundreds of blogs, and numerous books and magazines. Marcelo has recently teamed up with commercial and feature film director Alex Carvalho and executive producer Aguinaldo Rocca to establish Nois, a live action and animation production company with offices in Sao Paulo and London.

Founded in the beginning of 2010 by Eduardo Tosto, Greco Bernardi, Luiz Maggessi, Marcelo Mourão and Papito, BEELD is a design and animation studio located at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Everyone sums years of expertise in the animation and design market, working with production companies, design and advertising agencies, and broadcast companies. Added to that, the talent of our collaborators and partners, and a creative process guided by the clients needs, we find ourselves capable to achieve projects of great dimension to a diversity of media with high technical and artistic quality; always offering a strategic approach that fits to the specifics of each project. Our projects involve: animation, broadcast branding, graphic design, illustration and audio.

Lobo is a graphic design and animation studio located in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 1994, it has been working with most of the major advertising agencies, TV channels and the fashion industry, providing creative solutions in design, animation and special effects. In 2003 Lobo joined The Ebeling Group in order to handle the constant influx of international work. Since 1999 the studio maintains a partnership with Vetor Zero, the leading 3D and post-production company in Brazil. This association has since then branched out from its position at the top of the Brazilian market into a genuine global contender, handling projects that range from TV commercials, broadcast design, title sequences for cinema and television, CGI and special effects.

Luc Toutounghi will attend the conference as an expert on international co-productions.

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