All along its various editions, the Future Film Festival has been promoting the development of a stronger relationship among visual arts, cinema and animation. Following this tradition, the image that will be the symbol of this 11th edition of the Festival (Bologna, January 27th- February 1st, 2009) has been commissioned to a young Italian artist, DEM.
DEM has realized the wallpainting Equilibrismi di fantasia at “Casa Khaoula” library (via di Corticella 104, Bologna) expressly conceived for the FFF, and the opening sequence of the Festival.
The works by DEM are peopled by the creatures DEM invents, mixing animal and human features, flowers and plants, which introduce the spectator to the flux of images, either animated or live action he will experience during the event.
DEM for the FFF Project aims to involve different media and different parts of the city of Bologna, so to promote Arts sharing and a new point of view over contemporary and future cinema.


falseLike a modern alchemist, DEM creates his surreal creatures, weird characters that live in between the most imperceptibles layers of human reality. Protean and ironic, his works range from wall painting to illustration to art installations.
The symbolism that enriches DEM’s artwork invites the public to elaborate a personal access code to decipher this world, so mysterious and enigmatic.
His art production, whose ideal setting he found into dismissed factories, has been showed in various occasion, such as a personal exhibition at the Oro Gallery in Gothenburg, and collective exhibitions like Street Art, Sweet Art at PAC in Milan, Street Lab at Termini Train Station in Rome and Nomadaz at Scion Installation in Los Angeles.

Visit DEM pages on  flickr.