Friday 1 June 2018 10:00 pm

Biophonic is a project of live voicing and animation which examines the expressive possibilities outside of the human world. A container of bioacoustic and visual experiences dedicated to th Ecology of Sonorous Landscapes, where Seas, Lakes, Glaciers and Forests become hearing lands thanks to scientific research.

Golden Bay represents the first phase of Biophonic: an animated short dedicated to the sounds of Mediterranean Sea’s inhabitants, where the Lorenzo Tomio’s soundtracks and Pierre Bourrigault and Elisa Fabris’s animations harmonize with the voices and choirs of wales, killer wales, sea horses and many other spieces. A dreamlike journey in languages and comunications systems unknown to us.

The manipulated sounds come from the auditory archive of the experimental project Chorus, a research group in underwater acustics in Grenoble’s engineering school, financed by the Agence de l’Eau. Water and Mediterranean Sea are the starting points of thin personal research, which we hope we’ll continue thatks to the collaboration with other animators and researchers.

Introduce Maddalena Pasqua and Lorenzo Tomio, animations by Pierre Bourrigault and Elisa Fabris (Elisetta) and music by Lorenzo Tomio.



Free entry