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FFF Short

3D Animation #2 Program

Wednesday 6 May 2015 12:00 pm
Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni

(73', DVD, V.O)

 Lovebites by Jonathon Iskov, Australia, 2014; Lune et le loup by Toma Leroux, Patrick Delage, France, 2014; Mimma by Calvin Antoine Blandin, France, 2014; Sophie and Michael in “Tyke Tornado” by Keith Sicat, Philippine, 2015; Space Cat Hob by Loic Bramoulle, France, 2013; The Mechanical Waltz by Julien Dykmans, France, 2015; Three Fools by Peter Hausner, Snobar Ivani, Denmark, 2014; Treesome in Girafica by Sandy Chiang, USA, 2013; VRP by Hugo Leygnac, Olivier Lafay, Arthur Philippe, Marie Dossetto, Valentin Moriceau, France, 2014; Arroz y Fósforos by javier Beltramino, Spain 2015; Cycle by Kim Seung- yong, South Korea, 2014 


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