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FFF Short

Drawings Animation program

Thursday 7 May 2015 12:00 pm
Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni

(120', DVD, O.V)

Añejo by María Cristina Pérez, Colombia, 2014; Calf Life by Franck Guillou, France, 2014; Canadian Tales by Elena Timoshenko, Russia, 2015; Carrotrope by Paulo d’Alva, Portugal, 2013; Daewit by David Jansen, Germany, 2014; Driving by Nate Theis, USA, 2014; L’Île Noire by Nino Christen, Switzerland, 2014; Lakomstwa Endemita by Natalia Dziedzic, Poland, 2014; Menagerie by Julian Gallese, Canada, 2014; My Kingdom by Debra Solomon, Usa, 2014; Pene e Cruditè by Mario Addis, Italy, 2014; Search by Floriaan den Hoed, Belgium, 2014; Super 8 by Rim Sharafutdinov, Russia, 2015; Tigers Tied Up in One Rope by Benoit Chieux, France, 2014; Pawo by Antje Heyn, Germany, 2015; Castillo y el armado by Pedro Harres, Spain , 2014; 300.000 Dollars by Mario Serrano, Spain, 2014; El viejo Emil by Javier Ferrer, Spain, 2014; Il lungo lago by Alessia Vecchio, Italy, 2015 


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