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FFF Short

Future Film Short Programma Mixed Media #2

Thursday 3 April 2014 11:30 am
Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni

(120', Digital, O.V.)

  • Stardust by Mischa Rozema, Postpanic, Netherlands, 2013; 
  • Stop the Show by Max Hattler, UK, 2013; 
  • The Master's Voice: Caveirao by Guillherme Marcondes, Autour de Minuit, France, 2013; 
  • The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy, Canada, 2013; 
  • The Ringer by Chris Shepherd, Autour de Minuit/Hornet Films, France 2013; 
  • Tulkou by Mohamed Fadera and Sami Guellaï, France, 2013; 
  • Yet, The Best Universe Ever by Edoardo Palma, Italy, 2013; 
  • Yuki Onna by Jiri Barta, Czech Republic, 2012; 
  • Zweibettzimmer (Double Occupancy) by Fabian Giessler, Germany, 2012; 
  • You Were So Precious by Mi-Young Baek, South Korea, 2012; 
  • Blue and Malone Detective Imaginarios by Abraham López, Marcos Valín, OFF ECAM, Spain, 2013. 
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