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FFF Short

Mixed Media #1 Program

Friday 8 May 2015 10:00 am
Cinema Lumière - Sala Scorsese

(110', DVD, O.V)

China Town by Jacopo Rondinelli, Peppo Bianchessi, Italy, 2014; Heart Defense Squad by Senesi Michele, Italy, 2015; Sailor’s Grave by Isabel Herguera, Spain, 2014; Bionic Girl by Stéphanie Cabdevila, France, 2014; Centopeia by Clement Rouil, Leonie Despres, Yoann Druhle, Alexis Caillet, Jerome Regef, Bertrand Piot, France, 2014; Chaud Lapin by Alexis Magaud, Soline Béjuy Maël Berreur Géraldine Gaston Flora Andrivon, France, 2014; Tant de forêts by Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet, France, 2014; Fabric Cosmos by Seung-hee Jung, South Korea, 2015; Fongopolis by Joanna Kozuch, Slovacchia, 2014; GIF-JAM 2014 by Kevin Sukho Lee, USA, 2014; La demi-saison by Damien Collet, Belgium, 2014; Light Motif by Frédéric Bonpapa, UK, 2015; Mauvaise Semence by Manon Evraert, Crystal Jenq, Emilie Muszczak, Pedro Chavez, Mélanie Flandrin, France, 2014; Moi et mon panda domestique by Camille Billaud, Doriane Lopez, Domitille Mellac, France, 2014; Mr. Piggy Dies by 25 Dimensions di Josh Sehnert, USA, 2014 



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