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FFF Short

Mixed Media #2 Program

Friday 8 May 2015 12:30 pm
Cinema Lumière - Sala Scorsese

(120', DVD, O.V)

Deus in machina by Nicola Piovesan, Estonia, 2014; Pig by Steven Subotnick, USA, 2015; Pircantaturi by Angela Conigliaro, Lorenzo Fresta, Italy, 2015; Portrait by Donato Sansone, France, 2014; Speed Bob by Benjamin Blatière, Paul Mathon, Tielong Mu, Adrien Vallecilla, France, 2014; Supervenus by Frederic Doazan, France, 2013; The Black Case by Alexandre Lemaire, Emeric Meissirel-Marquot, Gautier Zahonero, Arnaud Michanol, France, 2014; The Rainbow Flower Garden by Kurumi Hakamata, Japan, 2015; Three Kings by Anna Blaszczyk, Poland, 2014; Two Idiots In A Boat by Andrew Whittle, UK, 2014; Splintertime by Rosto, France, 2014; Tarim the Brave Against the Thousand and One Effects by Guillaume Rieu, France, 2014; Don’t Be Afraid of Bears by Jill Johnston, USA, 2014; Sticks and Stones by Isaac King, Canada, 2014; Northern Starfish by Mattias Mälk, Estonia, 2014; Prey by Boyoung Kim, South Korea, 2014


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