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Platinum Grand Prize

Hitler's Folly

Friday 5 May 2017 4:00 pm
Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni

Hitler's Folly

by Bill Plympton – USA, 2016

(67', O.V. with italian subtitles)

“Hitler’s Folly”, using a merciless satire, reimagine Hitler as an animator and succesfull artist. Using Hitler’s orginal early artwork merged with Plympton’s signature animation, the film explores the dictator’s unfullfilled animation career.

A rep from Plympton himself stated that “Hitler’s Folly” ight be his most experimental film, not only for the techniques and production methods but also for what concerns the distribution. By releasing it online for free he could reach the widest possible audience.

Among the actors of this mockumentary we can find Dana Ashbrook as Josh, actor best known for his role as Bobby in the TV series Twin Peaks  by David Lynch.



Bill Plympton

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