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Platinum Grand Prize

Short Peace

Thursday 3 April 2014 10:30 pm
Cinema Lumière - Sala Mastroianni

Short Peace

by – Japan, 2013

(63', DCP, Original version with Italian subtitles)

Four tales, four ages, four directors, but only a demiurge, Katsuhiro Otomo.

Combustible: It is the 18th Century; Owaka and her childhood friend Matsukichi are drawn to each other, but Matsukichi is disowned by his family. Meanwhile, negotiations begin for the arrangement of Owaka’s marriage. An epic spectacle set against the stage of the massive metropolis of Edo.  

Farewell to Weapons: In the near future in Tokyo a platoon of 5 men armored in protective suits travels to city ruins in the middle of a desert and encounters an unmanned military tank called GONK. Using teamwork they are able to drive back the enemy. But, the platoon becomes forced into a tight corner… 

GAMBO: At the end of 16th century, during final moments of a civil war. A giant demon appears and plunders an isolated village in the mountains of northeast Japan. Meanwhile, a young girl from the village named Kao seeks help in a mysterious white bear. The fierce battle between the demon and the bear begins. 

Possessions: 18th Century. On a stormy night, deep in the mountains, a man loses his way and comes across a small abandoned shrine. When he enters, the space suddenly transforms into a room in a different world.


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