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Lancia Platinum Grand Prize

Future Film Festival was offering for the second year the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize competition for feature films. The eleventh edition prestigious jury has been called to judge ten animated films or live actions with special effects. The film competition.

Tthe winner of the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize, the Future Film Festival award for the best movie in animation or with special effects is Martin Fierro - The Movie by Liliana Romero and Norman Ruiz «for the original and refined design, the incisive story that tells an ancient Argentine poem about gauchos and pampa, with a wonderful 2D animation». The special mention to Sword of the Stranger by Masahiro Ando «for the marvellous animation and the direction that tells a story featuring western elements, in a samurai movie».

The jury

Maurizio Forestieri. Born in Palermo in 1961. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Rome as set designer, then after some specialised animation courses he came to the Experimental Cinema Centre in 1985, first as a student and then as a teacher. In 1988 he founded the Graphilm Animation&Graphics society, and asserted himself on the market both as artist and producer. He has been involved as storyboard artist on many important Italian productions such as The Blue Arrow (1996), Zorba and Lucky (1998) and Aida of the Trees (2001). In 2003 he directed his first feature film Totò Sapore. He currently works as director for animated series with Rai and also for important Italian companies and productions.

Franco La Polla. Born in Faenza in 1943, graduated in Classics at the University of Bologna, he has been professor of Anglo-American Literature since 1987 and since 2001 has held the chair for History of Cinema at DAMS. Now History of North American Cinema and Cinema and Cultural Studies. He collaborates with various newspapers both for the cinema and literature («Il Resto del Carlino», «La Nazione», «L’Unità», for example), he writes for almost all the major magazines in the Italian sector and some foreign ones (including «CinémAction»,«The Review of Contemporary Fiction»). He has run courses, seminars and conferences in the most important Italian and foreign Universities. He has been a member of the Emilia-Romagna Region Entertainment Commission since 2005.

Massimo Germoglio. In 1977 he made his debut at Studio 2B in Milan, as assistant photographer for fashion and
newsreels. Following the collaboration as assistant editor at Green Movie, he began directing commercials. In 1992 he inspired the birth of Gruppo Interactive and founded Rumblefish Srl. In 1999 Rumblefish supported the launch of MTV Italia. Since 2006 All Music has nominated Rumblefish as operative partner for their launch.