Aardman Animation Studios

The English production company specialized in stop-motion animation is come back on the big screen! After Chicken Run in 2000, Wallace and Gromit-Curse of the WereRabbit wil be screened at the FFF. At Future Film Festival there will be also the Aardman’s Key Animator Ian Whitlock. Two workshops with Ian Whitlock, one for children and one for adults, will be organized to undertand the stop-motion tecnique and to create characters made in plasticine.

Workshop for adults
19th January, 7:00 pm, Capitol Mutisala, hall 1
Workshop for children
19th January,3:00 pm, Capitol, Future Village, Palazzo Re Enzo

Grangel Studio

Meeting with the character design Carlos Grangel, who worked in big success such as Shrek and Prince of Egypt. His last cooperation is with Tim Burton for the animated movie The Corpse Bride.
Carlos Grangel
Carlos started in animation as a character designer at Amblimation-Universal Pictures in London, and worked on Were Back: A Dinosaur´s Story and Balto. After establishing Grangel Studio in 1993 he designed characters for the DreamWorks movies The Prince of Egypt, Antz, Spirit, Sinbad, Shark Tale and Madagascar. Original creator with Tim Burton for the characters on Corpse Bride, his studio has been deeply involve working including services on maquette supervision, logo and title design, ideas on costume design and final merchandising supervision. He also designed the characters for The Periwig Maker, a puppet animated short film, nominated for the Academy Awards Best Animated Short in 2001. In 2002 he won the Annie Award for Character Design in the Animated Feature Film Spirit. He is also nominated for the next Annie Awards 2006 for the best character design on Corpse Bride.

Moving Picture Company

Moving Picture Company will be present at Future Film Festival for the first time. Nicolas Aithaddi will present the special effects of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by Mike Nevel and Stuart Lashley, 2D supervisor, will present the special effects of Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of Were-Rabbit by Steve Box and Nick Park. The movie will be the FFF opening event.

Stuart Lashley
Stuart graduated Bournemouth University with a BA in computer animation and an MA in special effects. Stuart’s M.A project was featured at Imagina 2002 and short listed for an Imagina award. In 2002, Stuart started at Moving Picture Company as a compositor and worked his way to become a 2D supervisor on Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of Were-Rabbit. Stuart has recently returned from China and Mongolia where he was supervising large scale battle scenes an epic film Ye Yan for which Moving Picture Company is creating digital armies.

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Pixar Animation Studios

Meeting with Andrew Jimenez who will present the preview of the latest animated short film made by Pixar One Man Band. Andrew Jimenez and Mark Andrews are the directors of One Man Band.
Andrew Jimenez

ndrew Jimenez is the co-writer and co-director of Pixar Animation Studios’ latest animated short film, One Man Band. He also served as co-director of photography on Pixar’s most recent computer animated comedy-adventure, The Incredibles. With Pixar since 1991, Andy collaborated as a digital artist on Finding Nemo and Monster’s Inc. Prior to Pixar, Andy worked with Sony Studios as a digital storyboard artist and story reel editor on Spider-Man. While at Warner Brothers Feature Animation, Andy worked on scene planning, digital effects, and as a storyboard artist on Iron Giant and Osmosis Jones.

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Weta Digital

After the Lord of the Rings saga, the special effects company from New Zeeland is came back with King Kong, the new movie directed by Peter Jackson. Matt Aitken, Weta digital modelling supervisor, will come to Future Film Festival to tell the secrets of the King Kong making of.

Matt Aitken
Matt Aitken was born in 1961 in Wellington, New Zealand. In 1994, shortly after completing his Master of Science in Computer Graphics from Middlesex University, London, Matt was offered work at Peter Jackson’s then fledgling digital effects facility, Weta Digital Ltd. In the early days, working at Weta Digital involved all aspects of digital film effects production from film scanning and recording to animation, lighting, compositing and software development. Matt has worked at Weta Digital ever since, supervising computer graphics on many film projects including The Frighteners, Contact and I Robot. Matt was Digital Models Supervisor on The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Pre-production CG Supervisor for King Kong.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachussetts Institute of Technology comes back at Future Film Festival.
Mat Laibowitz of Mit Media Lab will present his latest studies and his inventions.

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Blue Sky Studios

For the third time at Future Film Festival, Blue Sky Studios, one of the most important production company based on New York, will present the latest feature film Ice Age 2.
Meeting with Tom Cardone, the art director of Ice Age 2.

Tom Cardone
homas Cardone began his career as a Digital Painter at the Computer Graphics Laboratories Inc. at NYIT. In 1990 he was recruited by Walt Disney Feature Animation where he worked as a Digital Painter on such films as Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). Exposed to a talented group of impressionist landscape painters at the studio, Tom developed a passion for Plein Air painting. He was worked as a traditional Background Painter on Aladdin (1992) and Pocahontas (1995) and then supervised the Background Department on Hercules (1997). He went on to Co-Art Direct Emperor’s New Groove (2000) and contributed to the Visual Development of Chicken Little (2005), amongst others. Tom joined Blue Sky Studios in New York in 2002 to work on Robots (2004) as a Colorist and is currently Art Directing Ice Age 2 which will be released in the spring of 2006.

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Industrial Light & Magic

The company founded by George Lucas will be present at Future Film Festival 2006. Andrea Maiolo will show us the making of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by Andrew Adamson.

Andrea Maiolo
Andrea Maiolo joined Industrial Light & Magic in 2001 as a creature technical director. Prior to joining ILM, Maiolo worked at Square USA where he spent two years working on Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within and Animatrix: The Final Flight of Osiris. As a creature technical director, Maiolo’s duties include character rigging, enveloping and cloth, muscles and skin simulation. He most recently worked on Van Helsing, War of the Worlds, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Maiolo is originally from Turin, Italy. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Turin.

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Meeting with Kyle Cooper

Founder of Prologue Films and Imaginary Forces, Kyle Cooper is one of the most prolific and fanciful graphic designer and heading titles for feature films producer, such as: Seven, SpiderMan, Mission Impossible, Mimic, Dream Catcher, Men in Black, The legend of Zorro, Donnie Brasco, Spawn. Heir of the Saul Bass art, Cooper will meet the public of the festival and his greatest works will be screened.

Kyle Cooper
Kyle Cooper has directed over 100 film title sequences, and has been credited with “almost single-handedly revitalizing the main title sequence as an art form.” He is the founder of two internationally recognized motion design companies, Prologue Films and Imaginary Forces. Cooper earned a M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Yale School of Art, where he studied independently with Paul Rand. Cooper is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale and holds the honorary title of Royal Designer for Industry from the Royal Society of Arts in London.

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