FFF backstage

Here the mad photos of the FFF backstage by the fans!

Photo Reportage

See the FFF2009 photo reportage! All the special guest and the most important event of the Festival!

Martin Fierro - The Movie wins the Lancia Platinum Prize

Martin Fierro has won! The eleventh edition of FFF is ended and the winner of the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize, the Future Film Festival award for the best movie in animation or with special effects is Martin Fierro - The Movie by Liliana Romero and Norman Ruiz «for the original and refined design, the incisive story that tells an ancient Argentine poem about gauchos and pampa, with a wonderful 2D animation». The special mention to Sword of the Stranger by Masahiro Ando «for the marvellous animation and the direction that tells a story featuring western elements, in a samurai movie». The FFF audience voted for the best shorts assigning the first Groupama Assicurazioni prize (1000 euros) to The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow by R. Gudino, V. Marcone and the second prize to Berni’s Doll di Yann J.(500 euros). The first prize of the Future Film Short jury was assigned to Prof Nieto Show by Luis Nieto.

FFF 2009 – day 6

Last day for Future Film Festival 2009! Don’t miss the last FFF proposals such as tv series like Freedom by Shuhei Morita together with animation designer Katsuhiro Otomo and Kaiba by Masaaki Yuasa, the new series with a retrò style. We will present the new animated Italian series PsicoVip by Bruno Bozzetto and Teen Days by Maurizio Nichetti.
The Nakagawa Tribute will close with a round table with Kensuke Suzuki, Nakagawa’s assistant director and during the late afternoon there will be the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize cerimony, Future Film Short Groupama audience prize and Jury Prize – Provincia di Bologna, following the closing film The tale of Despereaux.

…See you soon at the FFF!

FFF 2009 – day 5

The fifth day of Future Film Festival is entirely dedicated to 3D and to the digital cinema and stereoscopic 3D development with round tables and 3D screenings. Among the previews: Igor by Tony Leondis, an horror monster movie realized with great style and design, Sita Sings the Blues by Nina Paley, award-winning animated musical at Annecy Film Festival and during the night Tokyo Gore Police by Yoshihiro Nishimura, a cult movie that relaunched splatter as a genre.

FFF 2009 – day 4

It’s time for the Indian Day! an Indian delegation will be at Future Film Festival 2009 to bring in Italy the best of their production.

For the Ub Iwerks Tribute, his nephew and director Leslie Iwerks will present her documentary The Hand Behind the Mouse about life and work of her grandfather.

Director Masahiro Ando will be in Bologna to present his latest film Sword of the Stranger. From 10 p.m. until deep night the event is 3D Vintage Party! the party will take place at Locomotiv Club where there will be vintage 3D screenings with 3D glasses and a dj set by Città del Capo – Radio Metropolitana!


FFF 2009 – day 3

Third day for Future Film Festival. Another full immersion of previews from Pussy Soup – Neko Ramen by Minoru Kawasaki, a deer narration of social redemption that has as main character… a cat teddy bear! To 20th Century Boys by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, from the popular manga by Naoki Urasawa, from Underworld: la ribellione dei Lycans by Patrick Tatopoulos, the third episode and prequel of the saga to Jack Brooks Monster Slayer by John Knautz, an action horror movie full of blood and black humour.
During the evening MAMbo and Future Film Festival present The Animation Night, a night of non-stop screenings for the audience at Museo d’arte Moderna di Bologna showing the best of FF Shorts from the past few years!

FFF 2009 – day 2

Second day for Future Film Festival. The full-time screenings are about to begin!
The tributes to Nabuo Nakagawa and Ub Iwerks open the day. Together with Nakagawa we invite you to descend to hell among allucinations and dreams and together with Ub Iwerks we introduce you the less-known and less-studied works, which are his most exprerimental films with special effetcs due to new technologies.
In addition to these, you can’t miss the previews: from Genius Party, an episodes film directed by the most talented Japanese animators, to Idiots & Angels directed by the American independent Bill Plympton, from Appleseed: Ex Machina by Shinji Aramaki to From Inside by John Bergin. And a lot more!

FFF 2009 – day 1

Future Film Festival is ready to start! Six days full of animated and live-action previews, prestigious guests and tributes that cannot be missed.
A great opening with Doug Sweetland from Pixar Animation Studios and the making-of the short Presto, and Psicovip, the new tv series by the Italian master Bruno Bozzetto.
The official opening will be the highly awaited Academy Award nominated The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the latest ambitious work by David Fincher, that mixes a wisely professional dimension with new technologies.
(Invitations enter first. Repeat performance on Wednesday 28th)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

FFF2009 opens his exciting programme with the Italian preview of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the latest ambitious work of art directed by David Fincher, nominated for 13 Academy Awards!
Adapted from the Twenties F.S. Fitzgerald’s book, the film tells the story of a man born in his 80s whose age goes on reverse. The movie with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett is able to tell this extremely original story thanks to understated digital technologies that can make this extraordinary event look credible. Don’t miss it at FFF!

FFF 2009: DEM, Marco Marchesi and Kumisolo for the Festival’s Opening Titles

The countdown to the new edition of the Festival has already begun, and preparations are well under way in order to have everything ready for the event.

From now on, you will find première of the  2009 Festival Opening Titles on Youtube (HD version available!) realised for the Festival by Marco Marchesi, featuring music by Kumisolo. DEM, the artist who has elected walls as canvas for his colourful dreamlike figures, has painted the Festival’s symbol-image.

You can find “Equilibrismi di Fantasia”, the wall painting DEM has realized for the Festival inside the public library “Casa di Khaoula”, Bologna. The painting will remain forever part of the cultural and artistic heritage of the city of Bologna, as well as of the whole community.

The figures DEM has included in his painting have been animated by Marco Marchesi in the opening titles sequence. Marchesi has made the characters dance, interact and run in every possible direction.

Join us in Bologna, from January 27th to February 1st to see the opening titles on big screen, and to enjoy one week of full immersion into animated cinema, horror, special effects and exclusive premières. Don’t miss it!

Biz Sofa: new B2B area at FFF

Are you a professional in the field of animation? Request your accreditation now! You will have the opportunity to access the new  Biz Sofa area, a special area reserved to professional meetings, conceived to support and improve the exchange of ideas among professionals of the field.
Biz Sofa  will be available for those interested from Wednesday, January 28th  to Sunday, February 1st. You will find the Biz Sofa area into the most prestigious setting of Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna.
Only for this year, the reservation and the access to Biz Sofa area will be granted for free to all the accredited professionals. Download your accreditation form.

Ask for your accreditation form!

The deadline to submit the acceditation forms has been postponed to January 14th. Be sure to join in FFF! Download your accreditation form to attend the events and screenings you prefer. You can ask for “cultural” accreditation, if you are a student, “professional” if you are a professional in the field of animation, graphics or digital post-production, “press” if you are a journalist or “supporter” if you believe in the FFF project  and want to support the Festival.

FFF2009 previews

Find out all the previews that Future Film Festival will present from January 27th to February 1st 2009:  from Japan to USA, from China to France, from Spain to Argentina, the best productions in animation and live with special effects will invade Bologna for the six Festival days.
The Film Competition, Ouf of Competition Films, Midnight Madness.

Supporter Card

The new FFF 2009 Supporter Card is now online!

The new card is for everybody who believe in Future Film Festival Project and want to support animation and sfx cinema promotion.

The new card grants a priority entrance for the screenings and for Festival’s special events, two free passes for the FFF 2009 closing party and exclusive gadgets from FFF and its partners.
Download the Supporter Entry Form and send an e-mail to to obtain the card.

You will receive an email from our Accreditation Office with indications about the way to get your special pass.

Monsters vs Aliens and Katzenberg at FFF

Monsters vs Aliens will be play a leading role at the 3D DAY, a whole day, January 31st, during Future Film Festival 2009 dedicated to the development of digital cinema and, in particular, to the stereoscopic 3D in Italy and in the rest of the world. During the day, trailers and previews will be shown with 3D glasses in high quality thanks to the partnership between FFF and Digima and Christie.
Jeffrey Katzenberg too will send his message about 3D to the Future Film Festival audience.

Drink to FFF!

The FFF is coming! The next edition of the event will take place in Bologna from January 27th to February 1st 2009 and in the occasion of Torino Film Festival (November 21st – 29th) the advance news of FFF 2009 programme will be announced. You are invited to the FFF 2009 presentation cocktail, on November 22nd, 6,30 pm at Circolo dei Lettori (Palazzo Graneri della Loggia, Via Bogino 9, Turin) and drink with us to the FFF next edition.

FFF: advance news in Venice

Poin out in the calendar the days from January 27th to February 1st 2009: these are the days of the next and eleventh Future Film Festival edition! In the occasion of the last 65th Venice Film Festival, the date of FFF has been announced during a press conference. The FFF directors have announced also advances news of the new programme that will pay a tribute to Ub Iwerks, creator of Mickey Mouse with Walt Disney and to Nobuo Nakagawa, master of Japanese horror cinema.

Now on-line the entry-forms for the next edition of FFF

Now the entry-forms for Future Film Festival 2009 competitions are available. Here below you find the FFF2009 entry-forms to participate with shorts, feature films or tv series in animation or with special effects:

Feature Films: Future Film Festival 2009 - Lancia Platinum Grand Prize

Tv series: Future Film Festival 2009 - Futuro dei Toons

Short Films: Future Film Festival 2009 - Future Film Short