Available online the tickets for the opening event of FFF 2012, Big Clang Bang!

We finally announce/reveal the opening event of FFF2012!

On Tuesday 27th March 2012, 19.00 pm, at Teatro Manzoni, Future Film Festival  presents a concert/performance – evoking the prophecies about the end of the world – with two personalities of the music and cinema scene: Bill Laswell and Cristiano Travaglioli; Bill Laswell created a live soundtrack, specially composed for this occasion, that will play with the images edited by Cristiano Travaglioli.
Tickets are now available on line, as well as the card five and  the first five film tickets.
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Future Film Festival 2012: That’s the end of the world as we know it - (and I feel fine)

The 14th edition of Future Film Festival will be held in Bologna, Italy, from March 27th to April 1st 2012. After this year’s good experiment, the Festival confirms the Spring date.

Future Film Festival 2012 main focus will be “the end of the world”, according to the prophecies that look at this year as the fateful one for Planet Earth, and proposing a huge roundup of catastrophic movies, monsters and many other disasters on 35mm. From the famous Airport (1970) to the spectaculars Twister and Titanic, many times mentioned in movies and that will turn 100 years in 2012. In collaboration with Università degli Studi di Bologna.
But the “end of the world” is the end of the world as we konw it, and Future Film Festival gets ready to record all the news and changes, upsetting a big part of its program.
For further informations, check the press release