Special events

Italiani@ FFF-2
 19th January 2006, 3.00 pm, Capitol Multisala, hall 1

A round table to think about Italian digital production and particularly about special effects production for feature length films.
The most important companies specialized on this field will take part at the meeting: Franco Valenziano of Ubik, Francesco Grisi of Edi , Marcello Buffa of Lumiq.

Flash goes to cinema
21th January 2006, 15:00 pm, Capitol Multisala, hall 1

The Flash techonology and its applications on animation, tv and cinema.
This is the subject of the round table Flash goes to cinema. The animators and directors Bruno Bozzetto e Silvia Pompei will take part at the round table.
Silvia Pompei will show also the documentary Flash Goes to Hollywood. The documentary is about the explosion of Flah use on animation, cinema and production.

Future Web Festival: the round table
21th January 2006, 10:00 am, Palazzo Re Enzo

The television of the future will be, probably, on internet.
But how will be it? Will it be passive, like the today’s television, or will it be able to satisfy the audience choices?
FFF2006 organizes a round table to think about this object. Some of he best Italian and international web designers and experts on new media technologies will take part at the meeting: Craig Swann, expert on technology and new media, Alberto Cecchi, webdesigner, Massimiliano “strelnik” Bianchi, vlogger and Benedetto Habib, the My-Tv’s CEO. Luca Vaglio will be the moderator of the round table.

Future Film Game
20th January 2006, 7:00 pm, Capitol Multisala, hall 1

Future Film Game, the FFF date with videogame world, is came back.
Future Film Festival 2006 guest will be David Naval, the Eden Game’s founder.
He will show the premiere of Alone in the Dark: the game is an adverture set on a dark New York, last embodiment of a saga started on 1992 and one of the first exemples of the kind survival horror like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Project Zero.

Time machines on literature

Future Film Festival 2006 will dedicate a retrospective about the time travel.
On the occasion of the retrospective there will be a meeting about the time travel on literature and science fiction will be organized. Darko Suvin, Emeritus Professor at Mc Gill University, Carlo Pagetti, Professor of English Literature at Milan University and Franco La Polla, professor of AngloAmerican Literature at Bologna University will take part on the meeting.

Production lab: la corsa del digitale (Production lab, the Run of the Digital)

21th January 2006, 10:15 am, Capitol Multisala, hall 1C

How the digital techology has changed the production tecniques on cinema and tv? FFF 2006 organizes a round table about the subject with producers, directors, set designers to understand how their jobs are changing with new digital technologies. The producers Massimo Cristaldi and Aurelio De Laurentis, the set designer Osvaldo Desideri, the director Alexis Sweet and Angelo Guglielmi, the Cultural Representative of the Council of Bologna will take part on the meeting.

Ciptoons. Come l’animazione incontro il mondo del videoclip (How Animation meets Videoclip)

When did the love affair with music and animation begin? We could say that it began as soon when soundtrack was put to film, when the sound became inseparable from the overall production process of moving pictures, to the point that music became basis for the images that were formed around it.
At FFF2006 a a summary of the most important animation clips in history
From the Silly Symphonies made by the Walt Disney studios to Gorillaz, the first animated band.
The hommage is edited by XL and All Music


Team America: World Police by Trey Parker, Usa 2005
21th January 2006, 11:00 pm, hall 1 and 22nd January 2006, 10:30 pm, hall 2

Team America is a world police who has the goal to protect the world peace form the terrorism.
The movie is ironic, irriverent and shows a world police absurdly aggressive and destroying who becomes funny for his absurd actions. The movie shows itself the occasion to criticize the American world politics and the madness of terrorism. By the same authors of South Park, the movie uses is realized in stop-motion with puppets to underline and refer to the strong manipulation that we daily live.

How To Create An Animated Short Film
20th January 2006, 10:00 am, Capitol Multisala, hall 1

After the last year’s success, Future Film Festival offers a new meeting with a European animation schools, to give the chance to young Italian authors to enlarge their perspectives about their own artistic training in the animation domain.
This year Frédéric Nagorny, professor at Gobelins, Ecole de l’Image, will meet the FFF audience. Nagorny will illustrate the Gobelins’s activities and he will show the 2D or 3D shorts realized by Gobelins’s students.
Frédéric Nagorny
Keen of animation right from childhood, he started as an Animator on tv serials as soon as he gets his Architect diploma (Beaux-Arts de Paris 1982). He shortly take over Animation Direction then Production Direction and the Direction of an animation Studio of 2D serials. Since 1988, he has been experiencing 3D Animation and, during the 90’s, he produced 3D short-films prized-winning in international festivals. In the same time he produced the animation of ordered films, Adv, credits, tv specials and acted as a teacher for professional development in various specialized schools and enterprises. Presently, he is a professor at Gobelins Ecole de l’Image and at Marne la Vallée University.