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Special events

The Simpsons Movie Event

At the Future Film Festival 2007 there will be shown a worldwide preview of the first images of lenght feature film The Simpsons Movie, inspired by the very famous series for tv The Simpsons. Silvia Pompei, animator of the movie, and Tonino Accolla, director of the Italian dubbing of the series and of the lenght feature film, there will be special guests at the Future Film Festival 2007.


The preview of the series NANA, considered one of the most important event in Japan able to arrange sold out at the ticket office, in the bookcase and in the record’s shop, will be
at the Future Film Festival with the Italian dubbing. The chief editor of the manga, Junko Koseki, will tell to the FFF the off-stage of the realisation from the comic strip to the animated series. There will be present also Stefano Brusa, director and adapter od the italian dubbing, and the dubber Federica De Bortoli.
With the collaboration of Mtv and Dynit.

The Boondocks Event

Thanks to the collaboration with Mtv, the first episodes of the American blockbuster TV series The Boondocks are coming to the FFF.
The TV series drawns on the comics by Aaron McGruder shows the American society seen by the eyes of a ten-years old Afroamerican boy and his weird family.

Fullmetal Alchemist Event

At the FFF 2007 there will screened the preview of the last Fullmetal Alchemist‘ episodes, considered complete with the lenght feature film Fullmetall Alchemist-Conqueror of Shamballa which ends the adventures of the alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric. The two installments unfold at the same time in two different worlds. With the collaboration of Mtv and Panini Video.

Serials My Love! Eroi nei trailers dei film seriali americani

The 9th edition of the Future Film Festival presents an assortment of television series’ trailers and of cinema’s version.
It will also introduce seven unique original trailers (8mm and 16mm), from 1932 to 1952, to make live again the American serial.
Edited by Carlo Mauro.

Norman Mc Laren Event

At the Future Film Festival 2007, a precious shorts’ anthology by one of the most original designer of the worldwide films animation, the Canadian master Norman Mc Laren.
Now his complete masterworks are collected in a new DVD boxset collection with the support of National Film Board of Canada.

Titanic Event

On 10th anniversary of Titanic by James Cameron (USA, 1997) FFF broads the feature that made history.
Ghosts of the Abyss by James Cameron (USA, 2003) will follow.
A James Cameron’s documentary on the path of Titanic’ rests in the deep of Atlantic Ocean with a team of scientist and historian.

Elephants Dream Event

The firts “open movie” will be broaded at Future Film Festival 2007 with the director Bassam Kurdali and art director Andreas Goralczyk.
The movie is enterely made with an Open Source 3D, Blender, sharing over Internet all the materials, from the screenplay to the 3D model with a creative commons licence.


The Meeting of Indie Music Labels of Faenza will show up the winner of PIVI prize, the special honourship dedicated to Indepenent Videoclip.