Cinema, YouTube and critics

Friday 6 May 2016 4:00 pm

A meeting with scholars and youtubers (Luca Vecchi from The Pills and Federico Frusciantefocused on the interactions between audiovisual medias, digital medias, and on the importance of critics' mediation. In which terms, and how much has cinema influenced Youtube?

And how did the Tube affect the structure of contemporary cinematographic narration and series?

How important was the evolution of technology for audiovisual aesthetics? What role did videogamers and gamers' communities play? And how about critics, are they the same as they used to be or did they become more of entertainers?


Vito Campanelli - New media theorist and "remixologist", his latest book is Remix (Doppiozero, 2015)

Franco Marineo – Critic, historian and cinema theorist, his latest book is Il cinema del terzo millennio ("Third Millennium Cinema", Einaudi, 2014).

Agata Meneghelli – Semiologist, videogames, gamification and digital media expert, his latest book is Time out (Libreria Universitaria, 2013).

Luca Vecchi - cinephile , screenwriter and director with the youtubers group The Pills, and more (watch his Dylan Dog fan movie Dylan Dog - Victim of Circumstances ).

Federico Frusciante – Musician, critic, director and cinema lover, he reviews films on magazines and on his Youtube channel, and sells them in his Videodrome, in Livorno.

Moderator: Gabriele Marino - Semiologist, music and Internet scholar.