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By Shinji Aramaki, Japan 2004

2131. A non - nuclear war has destroyed the planet earth.
Deunan Knute continues to fight as all communication lines has been cut off, and therefore she does not know that the war has ended. Then she is taken back safely to Olympus, a futuristic city, where she finds out that her ex – lover is now a cyborg.
Indeed Hitomi reveals her that over half of “the model inhabitants” of Olympus are now clones – Bioroids – created to settle order and stability in human society. Seven sage – like elders and the supercomputer Gaia now totally control Olympus!
A cyberpunk anime based on Masamune Shirow’s manga.

The cat returns

By Hiroyuki Morita, Japan 2002, 75 min

Teenager Haru is bored and frustrated by her life as a schoolgirl in modern-day Tokyo. When she saves a cat from certain death on a busy road, she has no idea of the extraordinary chain of events she is setting in motion. For the lucky animal is none other than Prince Lune, heir to the throne of the strange and enchanted Kingdom of Cats. A fantasy anime from Studio Ghibli.

Howl’s moving castle

By Hayao Miyazaki, Japan 2004, 119 min

The most recent masterpiece by the author of Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, inspired by Diana Wynne Jones’ book. Sophie is a 18-year-old girl that meet by chance Howl, a young magician with incredibile powers. The East Witch set a curse on her and transform Sophie in an old woman. The only hope for Sophie is to find Howl and ask him for help, but the magician lives in a strange moving castle.
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Cutie Honey

By Hideaki Anno, Japan 2004, 94 min

The movie is inspired by Go Nagai’s anime and mix cartoon and live action in something that the director defines “digital comic cinema”.
Honey Kisaragi’s poor work habits have left her the butt of abuse and jokes at the office where she works. What her co-workers don’t know, though, is that she’s really Cutie Honey, the sexy cyborg crimefighter who, with a simple gesture, can switch on her superpowers (and switch her appearance!) and battle the bad guys. And the bad guys are plentiful, especially since the evil Sister Jill has gathered the treacherous, powerful secret society Panther Claw.

Empress Chung

By Nelson Shin, South Korea 2004, 98′

A greatly animated story of dreams and miracles.
Korea, XVIII century. Shim Hakku is a loyal and honest man, who works for the king. One day he refuses to join some sinister ministers, who are conspiracing against the sovereign. So they set fire to his house. He loses his sight, and all his family members die, but for his daughter, Chung. She will grow into a beautiful girl, living with her beloved father and her faithful friends: Danchu (a dog), Gai (a goose) and Teobong (a turtle).

The house of flying daggers

By Zhang Yimou, China 2004, 119 min

Zhang Yimou measure himself once again with wuxia pian (martial arts, silk brocade clothing and chivalry all together)
China, 859 A.D., decline of the Tang Dinasty. Discontent has spread all over the kingdom, and many rebels have set up their own armies. Indeed, there is a revolutionary faction known as the House of Flying Daggers.
Two local police deputies of the Feng Tian County, Jin and Leo, are ordered to find out who is the leader of the resistance. Captain Leo suspects Mei, a blind dancer at Peony Papillon Bar, of being the daughter of the leader.
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By Lenard Fritz Krawinkel and Holger Toppe, Germany 2004, 97′

Back to Gaya, is the first German movie, entirely realized with Computer Graphics. Gaya is an imaginary world populated by very small creatures, who look pretty similar to human beings. People from Gaya risk their own extinction, because Dalamite, the magic stone that enable them to survive, has been stolen. Boo and Zino set off on a hard journey to take it back. They head for our planet, the Earth. As soon as they leave their own world they find out the truth about their origins: they are nothing but characters of a TV serial.

Hair High

by Bill Plympton, USA 2004, 77 min

When Cherri and Spud secretly decide to go to the prom together, the rejected Rod forces their car off the road and into the lake. In true 50’s ballad style, their car sinks to the bottom of the lake as they share one last kiss.
On the night of the following year’s prom, the car magically comes to life and slowly drives out of the lake with Cherri and Spud, as if nothing had happened, only this time their bodies are in an advanced state of decomposition.
A gothic high-school comedy with a “Carrie”-like story that emphasizes Plympton’s surreal talent.
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Natural City

by Byung-chun Min, Sud Corea 2003, 114 min

In 2080 humanity has almost estinguished because of a nuclear war. Cyborgs are employed as workers. Some of them, provided by human DNA, start to rebel.
Future cop R is a member of the squad designed to take down deviant cyborgs who betray their purpose. Disrespectful and borderline, R clashes with top cop Noma on an operation to take down deviant cyborgs. R has another problem: he’s in love with Ria, an expiring cyborg dancer. R would gladly betray his friends and his job to save Ria’s life.
Natural City is a Korean science-fiction colossal inspired by Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner with terrific digital special effects.


By Takashi Yamazaki, Japan 2002, 116′

2084. An alien invasion threatens to destroy the human race. A young japanese girl travels back in time to October 2002. Here she enlists Miyamoto, professional killer, to stop the war to break out. Things get even worse when they have to deal with Mizoguchi, a japanese mafia boss, who is involved in the start of the war. While our heroes fight against the clock, the alien fleet sets off on his way to Earth.

Shark Tale

By Vicky Jenson, Bibo Bergeron and Rob Letterman, USA 2004

Oscar is a little with big dreams and the dangerous habits of telling lies. Lenny is a big shark with a little secret: he’s a vegetarian! When Oscar tells another lie that makes of him an hero ant of Lenny an outcast, Lenny and Oscar became the oddest of the couples.
With an all-stars cast: Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Angelina Joilie and Renée Zellweger.


By Katushiro Otomo, Japan 2004, 126′

By the creator of Akira, a greatly animated action movie. Rei is a young inventor who lives in the middle of the 19th century. He is member of a family of inventors who dedicated their lives to study the use of steam as engine power. One day, he is delivered a package containing a wicked ball, which will soon get him into troubles. The ball is a device producing endless energy…


By Anders Rønnow Klarlund, Denmark / Sweden 2004, 85′

A fascinating movie acted by puppets. String is an heroic tale about Hal, son of the king of Hebalon, who set off on a hard journey to avenge his father death. People from Zerith, their hatred enemies, have aroused the ancestral hostilities that had depressed their existences since. While fighting against the enemies, Hal will come across the truth about his origins…

Wonderful Days

By Moon-Saeng Kim and Park Sunmin, South Korea / USA 2003, 90′

Greatly animated movie. It is a futuristic drama about the Earth extinction due to war and pollution. In order to survive, humans create a shielded city called Ecoban that organically grows on its own, using their own pollution as power. People from Ecoban keep on producing pollution. Therefore they enter into a conflict with people from Marr, who want the world cleared up, so they can see the sky.
2D graphics combined with 3D one. It is the magic formula of this passionating cartoon, which upsets all the creative korean “dogma” we are used to.